About me


I’m a Test Automation Engineer working for House of Test. Driven by the passion for technology and testing, I love to talk, experiment, share knowledge, ideas and thoughts all around it. I love to bring new an innovative ideas in testing to my customer projects. I’m a huge fanboy of BDD, Git, Pair and Mob Programming and passioned of sharing my experiences and knowledge through my website, joining and speaking at meetups, conferences and unconferences. I am involved in testing and development since the year 2010. Currently I am on a #CodingChallenge to #LearnToCode and become a OCA.

The best way to prepare for the future
is to develop the ability to learn, adapt and reinvent yourself.

Opinions expressed here are my own and may not reflect those of people I work with, mates, friends etc. Unless I’m quoting someone, they’re just my own views.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. In other words, share generously but provide attribution.

One More Thing
Did you know that this is the very first website of the www?